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We're interested in hearing from you!  



Do you have comments, questions or suggestions? 

 Maybe your club or organization would be interested in having Night Moves Dance Club members perform a demonstration of line dancing at an upcoming event.  Please contact us we would love to hear from you.



 Send an e-mail to

  or leave a message on our Facebook page

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Our address:


Night Moves Dance Club 

P.O. Box 1111 

Paducah, Kentucky 42002


                  You can also contact our president or vice president:


President Tim Jerrolds  270-978-2784

Vice President  Nancy Buchanan  270-556-9173


Become a Night Moves Member

Anyone interested in becoming a member may fill out an application to join Night Moves.  The club votes on new members at the monthly meeting.  If you share a love for dancing and want to join, then please ask about becoming a member.  Dues are $5.00 monthly per person.